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By registering with CloseOption.com, you agree to abide by these Terms and Conditions. For the purposes of these Terms and Conditions, “The Company”, “Us”, “Our” and “We” all refer to CloseOption and “You”, “He”, “She”, ”His”, “Her” and “Your” refer to you, the client, visitor, trader.

  • CloseOption, a limited liability company, was registered in Georgia. Based on its license, dated 10/18/2017, the company's activities in the field of "Forex" or "Binary Option" are permitted. It should also be noted that all the laws and regulations on CloseOption are consistent with the laws of Georgia (it is probable that the laws are different in your country. In this case, you must comply with the laws of your country and in case of any conflict, you must not engage in financial activities on CloseOption, otherwise, it is on your own responsibility).

  • You must be at least 18 years of age and are required to be of legal age of your country of residence. In case of violation, your money will be blocked or delivered to your legal guardian, until the legal age.

  • The Company reserves the right to add, change, modify or remove portions of these terms and conditions at any time without prior notice (i.e. disclaimer, privacy policy, contest terms, refund policy, etc.). Please check this page frequently to ensure you are aware of any changes.

  • The Company reserves the right to refuse membership (or cancel membership) to any applicant.

  • You must comply with the laws of your country of residence. It shall be your own responsibility to ensure Binary Options trading is permitted in your country. Otherwise, you are responsible for any consequences arising out of non-compliance with the laws.

  • As a customer, and in accordance with the rules, you must keep your account information secure, and if, for any reason, you have resulted in unauthorized use of your account, you are responsible for any loss or damage caused by a third party.

  • If someone else uses your identity, it is considered as Identity theft and identity fraud, and we reserve the right to block the account.

  • You agree not to submit false information such as name, address, and/or telephone number. It is also required to inform us of all changes made to your information such as email address, telephone number, residence address, etc.

  • The price you see on your mobile or computer includes optical illusion, Internet or network weaknesses or the like. Transactions are conducted in a separate server and the probability of a mistake is zero. However, if you feel that the transaction is mistaken, contact us.

  • The prices presented on the trading room chart does not necessarily match up the real market prices and may be slightly different. Clients shall not have the right to complain.

  • According to Anti-Money Laundering (AML) laws, traders should withdraw via the same method they deposit. In case of making deposits through different methods, it is possible to withdraw via the previously used methods to a specified ceiling. In some special cases, if the financial team agrees, there is a possibility of using another method other than the primary option. To this end, you must submit a ticket in advance!

  • In the event of a payment to a company which has filed for bankruptcy or has gone out of business for any reason, there is no guarantee for returning your fund.

  • Using automated trading software (robots), under any circumstances, is prohibited and illegal profits made by robots will be eliminated. It is better for you to ask the Company about the legality of a software before using.

  • In case of death, the account is blocked until a legal representative or heir refers to the Company and then the balance will be transferred to a bank account under his/her name.

  • The client shall have no right to sue the Company, its members, and staff. However, he/she has the right to report any probable problems and the Company will take the necessary steps to resolve them.

  • Clients who need to open a Business account, are required to upload the documents of all company shareholders and it is necessary for all members to declare their agreement for opening this account.

  • If documents or any other items provided by a client are suspected to be fake, CloseOption reserve the right to cancel his/her membership.

  • The client shall have no right to sell or transfer his/her account to others.

  • Any violation of the terms can result in closure of your account and all your open positions.

  • In case of some other problems that have not been mentioned here, the Company checks and attempts to resolve them at its discretion and clients should respect the decision.

  • CloseOption reserves all rights with respect to copyright and trademark ownership of all material on this website and will enforce such rights to the maximum extent permitted by applicable law.

  • Clients are responsible for keeping their account information secure and must not try logging into their accounts on another computer. Be sure to change your password from a computer you do not typically use.

  • Processing withdrawal requests usually takes up to 3 business days, but we try to process them on the same working day. Typically, for Wire Transfer withdrawal requests, it takes up to 5 working days after a transfer for the money to appear in your bank account.

  • According to Anti-Money Laundering (AML) laws, suspicious deposits will be examined carefully. Clients are required to withdraw via the same method they deposit.

  • For security reasons, clients might be required to send valid and up-to-date identity documents.

  • You can only have one CloseOption account. Otherwise, you will get banned for using multiple accounts.

  • In case of causing reputational, financial or physical damage to the Company, the client must pay any expenses incurred including lawyer fees, website recovery costs, costs related to the software or hardware damages, etc.

  • If you have a trading account which has been inactive for more than three months, you will be charged a 0.5% Storage fee per month.

  • By joining CloseOption and submitting your documents, you declare that all documents are genuine. In case of opening an account with someone else’s documents (identity theft), your account will be blocked.

  • The Company reserves the right to suspend or block an account which is belong to a trader who has done something illegal.

  • The payout is not fixed and at some hours due to the market volatility or placing many orders in a short time, it may decrease or increase. Traders should be cautious and check it before taking trades. The minimum amount during these hours is 30%!.

  • Traders who deposit via PayPal (or cards such as Visa Card, Master Card, American Express, etc.), are not allowed to refund their lost money, and if they are not satisfied with our services in some ways, they should inform us and try to resolve the issue. In case of a PayPal refund claim, we refer the case to our lawyer to resolve the issue preferably peacefully. Furthermore, CloseOption does not accept PayPal e-check deposits at all! Therefore, customers must not use the e-check option on PayPal. Otherwise, your account will be immediately suspended and all orders, including profits and losses, will be rejected and voided.

  • After a normal follow-up by the customer service department, if it is certain that the claim was filed by mistake or that the client unknowingly or unwillingly filed the refund claim for any reason, and then he/she closes the case, the Company will ignore the customer's mistake. It is strongly recommended that in case of any dissatisfaction, first of all, try to solve the problem by writing your issue to the Company's email address. Contact us and raise your issue. We assure you that this is in your favor.

  • If the case proves to be filed deliberately (in any form and title) or the trader does not try to close it, the case will be referred to the Company's lawyer and at his discretion, a complaint will be filed in Georgia's court.

  • In case of a chargeback from all conventional cards, the customer must pay any expenses incurred (chargeback amount plus the amount of loss caused to the Company) and by accepting this agreement and membership on CloseOption, he/she agrees to pay the amount without dispute. It is necessary to explain that the customer will be charged all the costs related to the lawyer, transportation, etc.

  • The clients must respect all our terms and conditions after and in case of intimidation or insulting, his or her account will be banned. Additionally, if they cause any loss to the Company, this amount will be reduced from their accounts and the rest amount will be transferred after 180 days!

  • Due to some security reasons, if the Company recognizes that a customer's activities are suspicious like using Arbitrage strategy (there is not a must to provide the customer with an explanation), the money will be held for 180 days. As soon as the review process is done, and nothing suspicious is found, the money can be withdrawn. Otherwise, it will be blocked again.

  • In case of suspicious activities (trading, financial, identity, etc.), CloseOption reserves the right to ban the member's account at the discretion of the financial and technical managers, and after a complete review of the customer's activities and removal of the transactions contrary to reality, his/her balance will be transferred to a bank account under his/her name after 3-6 months.

  • When you hit the Call/Put button, there is a delay of 1000 to 2000 ms till the order is placed. This delay is to compare the prices, both from the user side and the provider bank of the price. Currently, shortening this time is not possible and customers must accept it. Regarding this matter, there is a possibility of opening orders with a slight price change that could be profitable or may cause losses.

  • On different occasions or due to advertising purposes and customer orientation, CloseOption adds an amount of money to traders' accounts as a gift. However, if they have been inactive for more than 40 days after adding, the Company reserves the right to remove this gift from their accounts (this gift is only for some traders).

  • Occasional gifts are for specific countries and specific traders, under specific conditions and granting a gift to a person does not create any right for another person to claim a gift. Those traders who try to abuse occasional conditions, their accounts will be banned.

  • In case of an account termination request, you must withdraw all your balance. If the balance is below $1, the trader can temporarily close his/her account without mentioning the reason, and the Company processes the request for the customer. Balances below $1 will be given to UNICEF ​​or another charity, on your behalf. Keep in mind that all applicable laws of the Company are in effect for up to 180 days after the account closure and the account will be completely closed after 180 days from the closing request, in the absence of a financial complaint from the customer. And if you have a complaint and have a debt, your account will remain open for review. In case of dispute, we are constantly striving to respect and satisfy our customers, therefore, contact us and send your complaint to our emails.

  • Placing an order does not necessarily mean that the trade has been executed and accepted. In cases, the customer encounters an error in a deal, or the connection line between the trader and the broker is interrupted, or finally the provider does not accept the trade, the trade will be canceled and as a result, is voided. Only those trades are definite that it has been 30 days passed since their closing time.

  • In some cases, a customer places some orders using some irruptive and unconventional methods that are not acceptable for any brokers. We are no exception! In such cases, his/her initial money will be returned, and all of his/her orders will be invalidated. Additionally, an amount other than the unacceptable trading profits will be credited to his/her account, and the account will be permanently blocked. It is mostly true about those customers who are scalpers and try to place big orders or many deals in a short time.

  • The extra cash amount on the Bitcoin deposit is to encourage traders to trade. If a customer intends to deposit and make a quick withdrawal, this gift will be removed from his/her balance. In other words, the gift is not designed to allow customers to deposit over and over and then withdraw immediately.

  • Customers who deposit Bitcoin are allowed to withdraw via any other method they want, and the financial team usually processes their withdrawal requests. However, if customers who deposit via PayPal try to withdraw to Bitcoin, they have to wait up to 180 days from the date of deposit. To put it simply, you can deposit Bitcoin and easily withdraw via PayPal, but not vice versa.

  • We work with different providers, and our clients' risk is reported to them. Regarding the possibility of covering orders, the payout is different, and its amount depends on the intermediary bank and the providers' decision. Generally, this change happens for those traders who trade excessively in short time frames (30 second to 5 minute trades). You should try to have daily, weekly or monthly trades so that the provider who reviews accounts over the course of the month, increases your payout. Unfortunately, we do not have full control over the amount of payout, and you should check the payout before taking trades.

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Need help?

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