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Account Verification:

According to the Close Option account verify rules customers can charge their account up to $5,000 without account verification but you will be required to verify your account within a 10days. In General, recommended that the customer after opening an account with us, verify their account in order to benefit from site facilities.

The prohibited and restricted points and area for the non-verified members and that is a necessary and mandatory member has to be verified before entering the following area:

  • Participate in the close option competitions.

  • Withdrawal from the trading account.

In order to faster, safer, easier verify account process please notice the following carefully:

  • Strictly avoid from sending unreadable, illegible, incorrect and invalid documents.

  • From our point of view, the best proof of identity is passport and then driver's license.

  • Official documents required for address verify If the expiration date is more than six-month-old will not be accepted.

  • Each file should be less than 5 MB in size.


Close option verifies office if for any reason to be suspicious customer documents will ask more supporting accurate identity documents. So to avoid wasting time it is better to provide appropriate documentation.


One of the main purpose Verify accounts, complying with all AML Regulations or possible abuse. The bank account from which the money deposit in our account must be in your name and we also send money the same bank account just in your name. Therefore, when the use of electronic money account holder whose identity is unknown to us, If needed; we will require evidence to prove that electronic account belongs to you, (For example, people who deposit money with Skrill to prove that the account belongs to them just need to send a "Screenshot" from his/her electronic account information shows identification account holder is written).


An opening account using someone else's identity (Identity theft—or ID theft) be considered as a crime and the proof of this, will inform the competent authorities and a possible balance of the account will be blocked.

It is recommended never ever intend to open an account to other people without knowing and informing them and avoid from doing so.

Close Option strongly against the items like misuse other persons and the use of other people's identity. (Identity theft—or ID theft).

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