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Cooperation with Introducing and Advertising Close Option Company:


Why advertising Close Option has benefits?

The Close Option always takes steps to improve the quality and try to solve the needs of customers. Our goals are not short term cooperation and is always looking for a long-term beneficial interaction with the customer, therefore, our motto is:

Providing high-quality products to our customers through excellent design, Permanent progress, change, and flexibility in work quality and customer satisfaction.

Benefits for Introducing Broker (IB):

We are paying part of our commission on each transaction to the IB. The Commission given per $100 trade is $1 and IB allows one withdrawal request every month. This $1 is about 50% of our income , in other words, you profit as an IB and we as a Close Options company in trades perform introduced clients by you to our company will be the same (In the currency pair euro-dollar and account type VIP).

How to get started as an Introducing Broker?

It only needs to have a verified account with us after, referral link and a variety of advertising banners in the relevant section Close Option Website are available to use as an advertisement to attract customers.

Introduce Broker must accept the following conditions:

Our partnership is based on mutual respect and Close Option Company keep its right to acceptance or reject the applications.

The Introduce Brokers need to accept and & comply with following:

  • This business is not proper and suitable for everyone, so avoid advertising in public places. Advertise places for our site is financial sites related to Forex and Binary Options Trading.

  • Don't promise to the people high profits and risk-free market.

    Trading on the binary option has its own risks and even professional traders with many years of experience sometimes make mistakes and suffer high losses.

  • The role of introducing Broker is just to introduce clients to our company and has no right to charge the customers for any services such as charge the customer's account or any other services or trade on customer's account. All Finance Close Option with customers is done without intermediaries.

Start to Use Close Option

We are Happy one Friend Like you,Interest Start Business With Close Option,

Be sure You Are Starting Cooperation With One Of The Best Binary Option Broker.

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