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Warning :

Activity in the financial markets, particularly binary option is high-risk, which means that you may lose part or all of your capital. Invest and trade in close option are not appropriate and suitable for everyone. The residents of Iran, North Korea, United States of America and Turkey are not allowed to use our services and if you are residents of above-mentioned countries please close the site and exit our site immediately.

General warning :

All financial markets Risk Warning suggest that you do not risk more capital than you can afford to lose. It is a fact that not everyone profits in the financial markets because at one specific time some customers tend to buy and at the same time some other clients willing to sell and it is clear that all clients do not identify the correct direction of the market.

To clarify the issue, read the following text :

Online financial markets due to easy access and fast liquidity have high interest. Unfortunately, many people regardless of the reality of high risk, to make an illogical trade and in some cases, they insist on continuing their trades and cause a lot of losses.

At first, glance makes profits from financial markets, such as binary options and Forex seem easy and makes people even encouraged to use other people capital into this market and this is really dangerous.

Due to the high risk it is recommended that:

  • 1. You should never invest other people's money in this market.
  • 2. The money you need it don't Invest in this market.
  • 3. It is recommended that first become familiar and learn necessary educational materials about the Forex and Binary option and then to practice on demo accounts and if that is constantly benefits then try to open a real account.(Although the success of Demo account does not guarantee will be success in the real account).But certainly if you are not successful in the demo account for sure you will not be successful in real account.

from our point of view, trading in binary options without having adequate knowledge and information, there will be no different between gambling with no goal and trade in this market and this is strictly not recommended.

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