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Understanding Weekly Options Trading and the Useful Strategies

Close Option team

Understanding Weekly Options Trading and the Useful Strategies

What Are Weekly Options? Weekly options are a type of financial derivative contract that allows investors and traders to buy or sell an underlying asset, such as stocks, exchange-traded funds, or indices, at a predetermined price within a given week. The options usually expire on Fridays, so their lifespan will be short. The term of ...

Guest post: All You Need to Know About an Options Trading Journal and Ways to Develop One

Close Option team

Guest post: All You Need to Know About an Options Trading Journal and Ways to Develop One

Introduction Options Traders use an Options Trading journal to track and document their trading activities and experiences. For traders, it provides a complete log book or diary that records the various aspects of options trading and investment decisions. As there are several benefits to having a trading journal, it is regarded as one of the ...

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CloseOption is available on your smartphone.

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