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Cash Prize Pool for 120 Participants in This Week’s Contest!

Close Option team

Cash Prize Pool for 120 Participants in This Week’s Contest!

CloseOption’s Ongoing Trading Competition Offers a Cash Prize Pool for 120 contestants. CloseOption is excited to announce an ongoing trading competition that offers trading enthusiasts an exhilarating opportunity to compete for substantial rewards. The competition will run for a week and is open to all participants without any entry fee (only for the first chance). ...

Straddle in Options Trading

Close Option team

Straddle in Options Trading

What Is straddle in Options? When it comes to options trading, traders may use many strategies to make a profit, like straddle. So why is straddle an important strategy when it comes to options? To understand why, you can refer to the self-explanatory definition of straddle. A straddle in options trading is buying or selling ...

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CloseOption traderoom is available on your smartphone.


CloseOption is available on your smartphone.

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