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29 March 2019 07:59:02 (33% Deposit Bonus)
Samuel Korovin Russia
29 March 2019 07:58:02 (33% Deposit Bonus)
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29 March 2019 07:56:02 (33% Deposit Bonus)
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29 March 2019 07:54:02 (33% Deposit Bonus)
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29 March 2019 07:52:02 (33% Deposit Bonus)
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Weekly Contest

Real Contests, Real Prizes

One of the top Binary Options Brokers

Why Close Option?

Why choose Close Option?

Max Payout among all Binary Options Companies.

Just Min deposit of $5 for starting Real Trading.

Offer Real, Demo & Contest Account via the same platform.

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Binary Options Contest

Binary Options Contest

You can enjoy risk-free profits by participating in Binary Options Contest with Close Option Company. Contests will be held in the same environment and platform as real trading and winners will receive prizes each week.

Learn more about Contest

Binary Options Platform

Elegant trade in an elegant environment

  • Flexible and unique platform for customers.
  • Easy access to the trading platform from the cell phone and PC.
  • Compatibility with all kind of mobile phones in the market.
  • The same trading environment for Demo, Real, and Contest accounts!
  • Possibility of moving Buy and Sell buttons throughout the platform.
  • Easy access to site supporters in the platform.
  • Ability to change platform background and lighting.
  • The possibility of trading from 30 seconds to 1 month.

What our members say?

I like it; it allows me to get out of this real world for thirty minutes

Andrea Hollingsworth
United States of America

Andrea Hollingsworth

From United States of America

I do not want to say I do not like it. Actually, I fancy it very much particularly weekly contest, but I try to trade once a month.

Nathaniel Rangel
United Kingdom

Nathaniel Rangel

From United Kingdom

Financial markets is exciting and practical. I think traders should improve their skill. Besides, the trades should see it as a practical option.

Saleem Abdolghani
Saudi Arabia

Saleem Abdolghani

From Saudi Arabia

I squander some of my salary now and again on entertainment such as Forex, BinaryOption or online games.

Ricardo Jamison

Ricardo Jamison

From Spain

I adore CloseOption on the grounds that the prices are real whether I get profit or loss.

Belinda Kaiser
United States of America

Belinda Kaiser

From United States of America

I look at it as an entertaining activity, not a source of revenue. To put it nutshell, I'd rather real business to earn money instead.

Shannon Davies
United States of America

Shannon Davies

From United States of America

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