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Real Account

Real Account

In general, Close Option Company has only one type Real Account. And only for customers who deposit the higher amount or have a higher trade volume the transaction fee for each trade will be less. (We recommend the rules for special clients written on a separate page study by clients).

Specifications Close Option trading accounts:

  • The minimum amount of deposit in the trading account is $5 American dollars.

  • The minimum amount trade in the Real Account is one American dollar (1$) and the maximum amount trade in the Real Account is one thousand America dollars (1000$) per each click.

  • The customer is allowed only holding one trading account and If would like to have more accounts has to communicate and if the company agrees there is the possibility of having more accounts.

  • Trade on Close Option instantaneous and irreversible. (Time trading just pays attention to trade and when that does not have full consciousness, trading in the real accounts is illogical.)

  • All trades conducted in Close Option are swap free.

  • Trading prices on Close Option are real and is instantly compatible with the famous banks prices in the world.

  • Change the user level from regular to the VIP switch automatically by the system. To view terms VIP clients please refer to the VIP Page.

  • It is also a possibility of opening trade in very short time in opposite directions( due to the possibility of closing the trade before the deal's expiry date is not possible, for those who try to hedge their trade, opening option in the opposite direction from the first trade is possible).

Contest Account

Contest Account

Competition environment on Close Option is similar to the real trading environment and for users will have many advantages, such as:

  • Real trading experience and familiarity with no extra charge.

  • The chance to win cash prizes fully equal to all participants.

  • Possible questions and answers with all traders and share successful strategies.

  • The minimum amount trade in the Contest Account is one American dollar (1$) and the maximum amount trade in the Contest account is one thousand American dollars (1000 USD) per each click.

  • The customer is allowed only holding one Contest Account.

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Demo Account

Demo Account

With joining Close Option Company and an opening Demo Account, you can easily practice in environmental quite similar to the real environment trading and try different strategies you learned (Without worrying risk) raise your experiences that allow you to maximize your success in real account.

With having a verified email you can practice on a Demo Account with unlimited charge.

It should be noted that Demo Accounts condition including the trading platform, prices and etc it's similar to the Real Accounts. And this fact will help you practice your gained knowledge about a Binary Option.

If you are successful on trading Demo Account you will be successful in Real Account too. However, considering the importance of being the seriousness of the Real Accounts, work-related stress is usually for trading accounts can be raised which could affect the results.

To deal with the possible loss recommended the articles of training our website or other credible sources to be studied. And after with knowledge of the matter, practice on Demo Accounts and in case, of successful on Demo Accounts then try to open a Real Account.

For those who want to practice more in environments similar to real, considered to have Contest Accounts besides Demo Accounts can be useful for training.

Given that, competition accounts holder in case of winning they will be awarded prizes might the best option to practice their gained knowledge in binary options. In the competition environment, there is an ability to discuss and share different trading strategies and can increase your trading knowledge.

In general, our recommendation for beginner traders in binary options as follows:

  • Studying different credible texts and video to learn the understanding of chart analysis and then binary options.

  • Practice on Demo Accounts (free of charge).

  • More serious practice on competition accounts (free of charge).

  • Start trade maximum with $100 testing experiences. If the trade suitable for you, you can continue the trade to make a profit and if you can not use the knowledge you learned this job is likely not for you and avoid of doing it.

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