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By signing up in CloseOption and verifying your account, you will be able to get benefit from all the features of our site, which include Demo, Real, and Contest accounts. With the same login information, you will be able to login to all three accounts (Demo, Real and Contest). For your convenience and no mistaking for each trading accounts (Demo, Real and Contest) we have determined a different color. At the moment, only the Contest and Demo accounts are active and in the near future, Real account will be active as well.

Real Account

Real Account

In general, CloseOption Company has only one type real account. And only for customers who deposit the higher amount or have a higher trade volume, the transaction fee for each trade will be less. (We recommend the rules for special clients written on a separate page studied by clients).

Specifications of CloseOption trading accounts:

  • The minimum amount of deposit in trading account is $5 American dollars.

  • The minimum amount of trade in the real account is one American dollar ($1) and the maximum amount of trading in Real account is one thousand America dollars ($1000) per each click.

  • The customer is allowed to hold one trading account and if they would like to have more accounts, they have to contact. Moreover, provided the company agrees, there is possibility of having more accounts.

  • Trading in CloseOption is instantaneous and irreversible. (Just pays attention to trade and when you do not have full consciousness, Real account trading is illogical.)

  • All trading which has been done so far in CloseOption is without nightly interest.

  • Trading prices in CloseOption are real and comparable with the famous banks prices in the world.

  • Changing user level from regular to VIP switch automatically by our system. To view VIP terms clients, please refer to VIP Page.

  • It is also a possible for opening trade in very short time in opposite directions( due to possibility of closing the trade before the deal's expiry date is not possible, for those who try to hedge their trade, opening option, in the opposite direction from the first trade, is possible).

Contest Account

Contest Account

Competition environment on CloseOption is similar to the real trading environment and for users will have many advantages, such as:

  • Real trading experience and familiarity with no extra charge.

  • The chance to win cash prizes fully equal to all participants.

  • Possible questions and answers with all traders and share successful strategies.

  • The minimum amount trade in the Contest Account is one American dollar (1$) and the maximum amount trade in the Contest account is one thousand American dollars (1000 USD) per each click.

  • The customer is allowed only holding one Contest Account.

    Read More About Contest

Demo Account

Demo Account

By joining CloseOption Company and opening a demo account, you can easily practice in an environment quietly similar to that of the real trading environment and try different strategies you have learned (Without worries and risks), and increase your experiences which allow you to promote your success in real account.

By having a verified email you can practice in your demo account with unlimited amount of charge.

It should be noted that demo account's conditions including trading platform, prices and etc. are similar to those of real account, and this fact will help you to prepare yourself for real contest.

If you are successful in trading in demo account you will be successful in real account too. However, considering the seriousness of the real accounts, there is usually a work-related stress for trading accounts which would affect the results.

To deal with the probable loss, it is recommended to read our tutorials or our blog articles or other valid sources, and then with complete understanding of the matter, practice in demo accounts and in case of success in demo accounts, try to open a real account.

Need help?

Need help?

Contact our support team. They assist you 24/7 via chat, phone, and tickets.

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