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In Binary Options, traders deal with three concepts: buy, sell and trading time. In other words, you predict, at a Specific time a currency pair, for example, USD/EUR or etc. will raise or fall, and if your prediction is correct, you will win and make a profit. For example, in 30 minutes time you expect the price of gold to go up.
How the amount will be raised is not important. Generally, you will be, perhaps, in the face of rising and falling in Binary Options.

You are responsible for your own current legislation in your country and it is necessary to ensure your country’s legislation. Therefore, close and leave our website immediately.

It has been suggested that you must refer to the laws regarding taxes of your own country.

Yes, Not only is it necessary to upload one document related to identity like ID card, passport or driving license but also you have to upload one document regarding address confirmation like water bill or bank statement.

The trader is responsible for having his or her account’s information, and any losses are relevant to you for sure.

Each person can have only one account in our company and only the account holder is responsible for his or her account. There is also no possibility of transferring the account to others.

No, it is a high-risks investment especially in Binary Options so we would definitely recommend those people who have sufficient knowledge of risks and do not enter the markets without having sufficient knowledge.

IB stands for Introducing Brokers. You can introduce new customers to CloseOption, you will get benefit from your customers trading. See More

You just go to "setting -> User info" and change your nickname.

No, you cannot change your email but before verification, you are allowed to change your identification.

Yes, please via ticket or online chat, you can have a nice support to know how to unsubscribe your email.

You just go to "setting -> User info" and change your Avatar.

You just go to "setting -> User info" and change your nickname.

Regarding traders' personal information, we commit ourselves to protect user information. We adhere to the principle of the relationship without third parties (i.e. direct relationship of trader to broker and vice versa). Without the verdict of a confirmed judge, We will not share our user information with any person or organization. Your identity and residential documents are also encoded on our server and It's impossible for third parties to access them. Regarding your money safety, we should tell you that we have met all the financial security protocols and all our customers are satisfied with us and share their experience via friendly emails. Anyway, the issue of trust is a personal issue and is not gained merely by talking. We suggest our valuable customers like you to deposit minimum amounts and check all the aspects of a broker and continue trading if they are satisfied.


Call means rising but Put means falling down in the market to make profit.

The maximum amount is up to 1000 American dollar but with a written request, this amount can increase to 50000 American dollars.

There is a possibility of losing some or all of your investments. We would definitely recommend that you should avoid investing money which you cannot afford.

On Saturdays and Sundays different banks provide services very slowly and the majority of the world's financial markets are close and there is no possibility to deal well.

Different rates are invalid in these days. Some sites attempt to create a series of unrealistic prices and cause the customers lose their money.


The minimum investment is 5 American dollars.

There is no limitation in amount of money to invest but it is better not to deposit more than 200000 dollars a day.

A profit and money you deposit is always withdrawable the same way as you deposit.

We strongly recommend that deposit money should be under your name and use an electronic method such as Payza or PayPal and etc. or Bank system.

Our main goal is opening an account with our clients and deposit in our Company. If you have a trading account which has been inactive for more than three months, we will decrease 0.5% your balance each month.

Electronic money fee charges are variable between 1to 4% but sometimes the fees are not taken for the convenience of customers.


Generally, it takes between 24 to 72 working hours. But if you want to do it through the banking system, it will take up to 7 working days.

Electronic money fee charges are variable between 1 to 4% but the fees are not sometimes taken for the convenience of customers.

Demo accounts are only for training and practicing and it has not connected to the risk management. Furthermore, you can only improve your experience in these accounts.


Participating in CloseOption contest is totally free of charge at the moment.

Yes, you can withdraw your prize after verification or trading in Real account.

Contests are usually held once a week and there is a possibility of holding four competitions every month.

To participate in the Contest, traders should send residence and identity documents to verify.

First, you have to sign up, then you ought to send your documents, after that your documents should be verified to start the contest.

No, after checking cheating in the contest, we will announce the final results in contest page.

Normally it takes between 1 to 3 days. The winners will receive an email in order to verify the last documents after that the prize will be added to their account.

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