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It is the movement prediction of the market in a given time frame. For example, based on the results of the chart analysis or economic analysis, you come to the conclusion that the price of an asset is going to increase in the next day. If you open a Call position in a one-day time frame, your prediction comes true, and you win the trade. Otherwise, you lose the invested money!

CloseOption is based in Georgia. It was registered on 08.08.2013. CloseOption’s “Forex” and “Options Trading” activities are permitted by the license with number B 2-08/3647, dated 10.18.2017, issued by the National Bank of Georgia. It should be noted that all our activities are in accordance with the laws of Georgia. Mr. Giorgi is the company’s lawyer and you can communicate with him ([email protected]).

According to our terms, you always have to comply with the laws of your country.

It depends on where you are living. In some countries, you are not taxed, and you can freely trade Options.

As a customer, and in accordance with the rules, you must keep your account information secure, and if, for any reason, you have resulted in unauthorized use of your account, or if you think like that, please email us at the earliest. You can also contact the company number on the “Contact Us” page or leave a voicemail.

You can only have one CloseOption account. It is important to know that the only person who can trade is the account owner and you cannot, under any circumstances, grant access to others to trade with your account or sell your account.

No, if the money in your account is unused for three months or more, the cost of holding your money (that according to the contract is half a percent per month) will be deducted from your account.

If you have a trading account which has been inactive for more than three months, a fee will be charged monthly (0.5% of your balance).

You can earn extra money by referring new traders to CloseOption. All you need is to copy your referral link (available on the “Referral” tab in your dashboard) and ask your friends to join the platform, using your referral link.

We commit ourselves to respect the confidentiality of users’ personal information. We adhere to the principle of the relationship without a third party (i.e. the direct relationship of trader and broker, or vice versa). Without the verdict of a confirmed judge, we will not share our users’ information with any person or organization. Your identity and residential documents are also encoded on our server and it is impossible for third parties to access them. Regarding money safety, we should tell you that we have met all the financial security protocols and all our customers are satisfied with our services and share their experience through friendly emails. Anyway, the issue of trust is a personal issue and is not gained merely by talking. It is recommended to deposit the minimum amount ($5) and check all the aspects of the broker (e.g. participation in the contest, trading with your Demo account, etc.) and continue trading if you are satisfied.

At first, you should verify your trading account by sending the required documents. Then, send your request for a cash gift on the “Contact Us” page and wait for the financial team.

In this market, you have the potential to make profits, and similarly, you may lose your money. By ticking the contract at the time of registration, you accept this fact and do not have the right to complain. However, we always try to keep our customers satisfied, and you can refer to the “Contact Us” page and describe your issue. We assure you that you will not regret emailing.

Trading in this market is a high-risk investment and before trading, you must ensure that you understand how the market works and what the risks are! You can minimize your risk by increasing your knowledge.

There is a probability that you lose some or all of your money. Never invest money that you cannot afford to lose.

Account & Trading

Go to the “Settings”, and on the “Member Info” tab, you can change or upload your avatar. You can also click the profile icon in your dashboard.

Go to the “Settings”, and on the “Member Info” tab, you can add or edit your nickname.

The “Call” option is selected when you predict that the price of an asset will go up and the “Put” option is selected when you come to the conclusion that the price of the asset will decline.

When you hit the Call/Put button, there is a delay of 1000 to 2000 ms until the order is placed. This delay is to compare the prices, both from the user side and the provider bank of the price. Currently, shortening this time is not possible and customers must accept it. Regarding this matter, there is a probability of opening orders with a slight price change that could be either favorable or unfavorable.

You can buy/sell 25 options per expiration!

In this case, you will receive as much as the amount of payout (at the time of opening the order) from your original money. It is called a draw!

The price you see on your mobile or computer includes Optical illusion, Internet or network weaknesses or the like. Transactions are conducted in a separate server and the probability of a mistake is zero. However, if you feel that the transaction is mistaken, contact us.

No, please be careful and practice trading with your Contest or Demo account before starting real trading.

Please be cautious. Every mistake has a consequence and this is no exception!

To trade with your Demo account, it is not obligatory to be verified.
To start real trading, you can deposit via some methods without the need for approval, but you must upload your documents in your dashboard within 30 days, and the Company reserves the right to ask your documents at any time.
To participate in our weekly contests, you must first approve your account.

To approve your account, please go to your dashboard, “Settings” and click the “Account Approval” tab. Then upload your documents. You must upload your identity (e.g. passport or ID card) and address proof (e.g. bill or bank statement).

This process normally takes up to two business days.

The ”Promotion” page is the reference for our available bonuses and specifies their status. When a bonus is active, its start and end dates are mentioned on this page.

No, on Saturdays and Sundays due to the extra volatility, the market is closed. Moreover, the majority of the world's financial markets are closed.

Some brokers attempt to generate a series of unrealistic prices. This causes traders to lose their money.

To close your CloseOption account:
go to the “Settings” in your dashboard,
select the “Change Password” tab,
at the bottom of the page, you can close your account.

Our emails contain an “Unsubscribe” link and by clicking this link you choose to stop getting our emails.

No, the payout is not fixed and at some hours due to the market volatility or placing many orders in a short time, it may decrease or increase. Traders should be cautious and check it before taking trades. The minimum amount during these hours is 30%!

We work with different providers, and our clients' risk is reported to them. Regarding the possibility of covering orders, the payout differs, and its amount depends on the intermediary bank and the providers' decision. Generally, this change happens for those traders who trade excessively in short time frames (30-second to five-minute trades). Thus, please be advised that payout adjustments may occur if an account undergoes significant growth within a brief timeframe. Under these circumstances, it is essential to note that CloseOption is not obliged to sustain the highest payout rate and keep it constant. Unfortunately, we do not have full control over the payout amount, and you should check the payout before taking trades.


You can deposit $5,000 per transaction.

Generally, traders should withdraw via the same method they deposit. In case of making deposits through different methods, it is possible to withdraw via the same methods to a specified ceiling. In some special cases, at the financial team’s discretion, there is a possibility of using another method other than the primary option. To this end, you must submit a ticket in advance!

Yes, we process withdrawal requests by sending money to the account through which you deposit and it must be under your name.

For Bitcoin, Perfect Money and Web Money deposits no fees are charged, but for deposits via bank cards, there is a fee ranging from 1% to 8.4%. This fee is due to the currency exchange rate (your money is first converted to the Chinese yuan) and varies across international banks and different gateway providers. However, as one of our promotions, this fee is covered by CloseOption.

Web Money, Perfect Money, and PayPal deposits are instant. However, a Crypto payment may take up to 30 minutes.

In both cases, your initial money will be refunded, and you can withdraw the profit via other methods (e.g. Bitcoin, Web Money, Perfect Money, Wire Transfer, etc.).


Traders who deposit via PayPal (or cards such as Visa Card, MasterCard, American Express, etc.) are not allowed to refund their lost money, and if they are not satisfied with our services in some ways, they should inform us and try to resolve the issue. In case of a PayPal refund claim, we refer the case to our lawyer to resolve the issue preferably peacefully!

After a normal follow-up by the customer service department, if it is certain that the claim has been filed by mistake or that the client unknowingly or unwillingly has filed the refund claim for any reason, and then he/she closes the case, the company will ignore his/her mistake. It is strongly recommended that in case of any dissatisfaction, first of all, try to resolve the problem by writing your issue to the Company's email address. You should contact us and state your issue. We assure you that this is in your favor. However, if the case proves to be filed deliberately (in any form and title) or the trader refuses to close it, the case will be referred to the company's lawyer and at his discretion, a complaint will be filed in Georgia's courts.


For cryptocurrencies, Perfect Money and Web Money the minimum withdrawal is $1, for the bank withdrawal $500, and finally, for the credit card withdrawals (in the form of refunds) the minimum amount is $20. Furthermore, the maximum amount for a withdrawal request is $10,000 but there is no limit on the total amount per day. You can have multiple withdrawal requests if needed.

No, we comply with Anti-Money Laundering (AML) laws and abstain from performing suspicious financial activities.

It normally takes up to 3 business days.

For some methods (e.g. Cryptocurrencies, Perfect Money and Web Money) no fees are charged. However, for wire transfer withdrawals, depending on the withdrawal amount the fee ranges from $50 to $100. Card withdrawals are done in the form of refunds, and the process usually doesn't include a fee unless the money is converted into another currency and this is outside the control of CloseOption. In case of a high fee, please email [email protected] to cover the fee (if possible).

In both cases, your initial money will be refunded, and you can withdraw the profit via other methods (e.g. Bitcoin, WebMoney, Perfect Money, Wire Transfer etc.)


Yes, once your prize is credited to your account, you can withdraw it.

This process is the same as a normal withdrawal request and takes up to three business days.

The contest is usually held once a week.

Prior to announcing the results, we check all orders and then announce the final results on the “Contest” page.

Hot Methods

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Yes, this will happen by 2030.

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Buying PipCoins gives you the chance to reap huge gains from the gradual and steady rise of its price and simultaneously participate in philanthropic activity. A world without cancer is our everlasting dream.

You should have a small amount of TRX to cover network fees, but the input token could be other Tron-based tokens (even USDT, Ethereum, etc.) available on SunSwap.

Our commitment to providing you with high-quality services allows us to start a partnership with trusted projects. Identifying cases with the best potential growth benefits everyone. It is interesting to note that we have purchased a substantial share of this token and continue to invest significantly in this project.

Yes, converting your tokens to cash or other cryptos is possible.

For your inquiries, do not hesitate to contact us.
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