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In binary options clients dealing with three concepts buy, sell and time, In other words, you're forecasted that at a Specified time a pair Forex, for example, gold, silver,

Stock and etc ascending or descending ... you can earn a profit. For example,

in 30 minutes time you expect the price of gold will go up, If your prediction correct,

You will win. The rise amount does not matter. (Generally, you are facing with concept up and down in binary options).

The concept of trading to make a profit from rising market characterized by the word Call and the word Put determined to make a profit from market going down.
The minimum investment is 5 American dollar.
There is a no limit amount of money to investment but it's better not deposit more than 200000 dollars a day.
The maximum amount of each trade is a 1,000 American dollar but on a written request by a client, this amount can increase to 50 thousand American dollars.
You are responsible for your own country's legislation and if in your country of residence the subject of our sites is illegal. Close and leave our site immediately.

Generally, withdrawal for verified accounts takes between 24 to 72 working hours and in cases where the client is going to do the withdrawal through the banking system,

This time, will take up to seven working days.

Must refer to the tax laws of your home country.
To facilitate the client, our company don't require verification to trade but clients need to verify their account up to ten days after the deposit and without account verify You can Not make Withdrawal request, just for activation of Contest account you must Verify First. Any way suggest you Verify Yourself at first.
The client is responsible for maintaining his/her account information, and any gain or loss related to misuse of account 100% relevant to you.

Each person can only have one account in our company

And only the account holder authorized to deal with that account due to full compliance issues related to money laundering, there is also no possibility of transferring ownership of The account to the others.

A profit and money you deposit always withdrawable the same way as you deposit.

We strongly recommend this, deposit money under your name using an electronic method such as skrill or Paypal and etc or Bank system. Our company just withdraw money to name,

Only in your own Bank account or electronic methods.

No- All financial markets, especially binary options are high risks market and recommended individuals with full knowledge of risks and without having sufficient knowledge do not enter the markets.
There is a possibility of losing some or all of your investment. It is recommended should not invest money that you cannot afford to lose.
Our main goal opening an account with clients and deposit to trade on our company. If you have a trading account has been inactive for more than three months; as the amount of half a percent deposit capital per month will be charge a maintenance fee.
Abbreviation of IB is Introducing Brokers. By introducing customers to Close Option and from trade by customers you will benefit.
Using the identity of others is a crime and matter will be referred to the competent authority and to determine the status, your account balance will be blocked.
In those above mentioned days trading volume, different banks are very low and the majority of the world's financial markets are closed and there is no possibility of a deal.
Different rates in these days are closed. Some sites attempt to create a series of unrealistic prices with the help of artificial intelligence and usually move prices based on clients trades and caused customers losses.
Electronic money fee charges are variable between 1 and 4% but for the convenience of customers, the fees are not taken.
At the moment participate in the Close Option competition is totally free of charge.
Demo accounts are only training and practice accounts and not connected to the risk management and in these accounts only to practice your experience.

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