One of the handiest account types usually offered by Options Trading Brokers is the binary trading practice account. Whether a novice or professional, you can always benefit from a demo options trading platform like other markets, such as Forex, stocks or Cryptocurrencies. In this article, we tried to introduce Demo Trading to you and provide you with some techniques to get the most out of this great feature besides the list of the best demo accounts for options trading.

An Introduction to Options Trading Demo Account, What to Consider and the Best Platforms


 What Is an Options Trading Demo Account?

An “Options Trading Demo Account” is a ‘practice account’ provided by some online brokers that enables users to trade Options without spending real money. The purpose of this type of account is to simulate real-time trading conditions so traders become acquainted with the platform.

Unlike a live trading account, an Options Trading Demo Account uses virtual funds to allow traders to place trades and experiment with alternative methods without jeopardizing their actual money. This allows novice traders to learn and practice the appropriate way of Trading Options in a risk-free environment. In addition, Demo accounts, also known as Trial Accounts, help professional traders test their new trading strategies or optimize their older ones.

Options brokers mainly offer the same features as the real account in the binary options trading free trial. Typically, all the assetstools, and options are precisely the same as the real account, and the price is also according to real-time global prices. The only difference is the virtual fund, meaning all the losses and profits are unreal.

Overall, the primary and foremost purpose of an Options Trading Demo account is to serve as an educational tool to help newcomers and pro traders gain experience and test and learn through trading without any risks.

An Introduction to Options Trading Demo Account, What to Consider and the Best Platforms


How Can We Access an Options Demo Account?

One of the most frequently asked questions by beginners is the question above. Consider that the Options Trading Market is very young compared to other markets such as Forex or Stocks. However, many Options Trading Brokers still offer Options Trading Demo accounts to their users.

Before using a binary options trading platform demo account, you need to get familiar with the different types of Demo accounts brokers offer. This helps you to decide more wisely and choose the broker that meets your needs the most. In the following paragraphs, we have discussed the different types of Demo accounts, which could be very helpful for you if you have yet to choose one.

An Introduction to Options Trading Demo Account, What to Consider and the Best Platforms


What are the different Types of Options Trading Demo Accounts?

Although most of the Options Trading Brokers offer Demo accounts, the type of Demo account they provide could be different. The accounts provided by these brokers could fall into three main categories, which we are going to discuss in the following:

An Introduction to Options Trading Demo Account, What to Consider and the Best Platforms


Deposit-Based Demo accounts

Although many brokers provide free binary options trading demo accounts, some may require a dedicated deposit before giving you access to the Demo account. This kind of Broker only lets you use the demo account once you show your trust and interest in their platform by depositing money. After that, you will have access to the demo account and most of the time, your deposit amount will stay untouched until you start trading in the Real Account. There is another type of Deposit-based demo account in which you have to pay a very small amount of money in order to use the demo account. For example, you are asked to pay $ 1 for a $10,000 demo account. In this type, you must buy a recharge package once you get out of virtual funds in your demo account.

An Introduction to Options Trading Demo Account, What to Consider and the Best Platforms


Deposit Free Demo Accounts

On the other hand, many brokers are willing to provide their users with a free demo account without any obligations. In this type of Broker, you can access their demo account without paying a penny. All you need to do is sign up for a demo account and start testing your trading skills. 

Many traders seek free demo accounts to start demo trading without spending money. As a result, brokers who provide free demo accounts benefit most from this feature since it is an excellent service.

An Introduction to Options Trading Demo Account, What to Consider and the Best Platforms


Timed Demo Account

Some other brokers prefer to put some restrictions on the length of time in which the traders can use the demo account. This time duration could be from 48 hours to one month. Remember that although this type of trading is still sufficient, it may only be ideal for some. Gaining trading experience is time-consuming, and some techniques and trading strategies must be tested several times to determine their accuracy. So a limited period cannot be a huge help.

An Introduction to Options Trading Demo Account, What to Consider and the Best Platforms


What Are the Advantages of an Options Trading Demo Account?

As we mentioned, using a demo account before jumping into the real trading sea can help you understand this market, just like using a practice pool before swimming in an ocean. In the following, some of the essential advantages of Demo Options Trading are explained:

An Introduction to Options Trading Demo Account, What to Consider and the Best Platforms


  1. Risk-Free Practice: As we said earlier, a demo account provides a risk-free environment for traders to practice and gain experience in options trading. This option lets you use virtual funds to place trades while learning, ensuring you don’t lose real money. So you can test your skills and measure the efficiency of your strategy.
  2.  Understanding market dynamics: Analyzing the market’s trends, understanding price movements, and making informed decisions are essential for trading on financial markets. With a demo account, you can watch and analyze market dynamics, evaluate different trading approaches, and see how your strategies work in real-time market conditions.
  3. Platform familiarity: Each trading platform has unique features, tools and interfaces. You can familiarize yourself with the type of platform you’re going to trade options on by setting up a demo account. In this way, you can use the tools at your disposal as soon as you start dealing with genuine money to operate effectively on the platform and make quick trades.
  4.  Assessing Broker Services: If you plan to use a particular options broker, a demo account allows you to estimate their services and platform before engaging an actual budget. The speed of broker execution, customer service, order types and any additional relevant features can be tested using a demo account. If the Broker does not meet your trading requirements, this assessment may help you to make an informed decision.An Introduction to Options Trading Demo Account, What to Consider and the Best Platforms


What Are the Disadvantages of an Options Trading Demo Account?

While demo accounts have many advantages for binary options trading, a few limitations and potential demerits are better to consider. In the following, some of the primary demerits of using an Options Demo account are listed:

  1. Lack of emotional impactTrading virtual funds on a demo account does not replicate the emotions involved in real trade. In situations where real money is on the line, emotions such as fear, greed and excitement may play a significant role in making decisions. Managing and controlling these emotions effectively as you transition from a demo account into live trading is essential.
  2. Unrealistic trading conditions: The actual trading conditions experienced on the live markets cannot be fully reflected in the demo accounts. The demo account and the real trading environment will likely have different factors, such as order execution time, slippages, liquidity or price feeds. As such, it is essential to remember that your performance on the demo account may not directly indicate actual trading results.

An Introduction to Options Trading Demo Account, What to Consider and the Best Platforms


Some brokers claim that they provide a real-time demo trading platform. To ensure accuracy, you must be cautious about their price charts and compare them with other brokers and platforms like

An Introduction to Options Trading Demo Account, What to Consider and the Best Platforms


  1. Limited time frame availability: There may be a limitation on the duration of order expiry time for some demo accounts. Some brokers may allow traders to access the demo accounts for a short period to fully develop their skills and test different long-term strategies, which may need to be increased. The Broker who offers you the demo account with a period that suits your needs must be chosen.
  2.  Limited Market Depth: Options Brokers may not always provide access to the whole range of assets and markets they offer for trading in their demo accounts. In addition, certain brokers may offer a restricted selection of instruments or limited access to specific markets. The restriction of choices in demo accounts may be viewed as restrictive by traders who wish to trade a wide variety of assets or particular markets.
  3. Unrealistic psychological effect: Although a demo account can help traders develop their skills and confidence, it cannot fully replicate the psychological effects of trading with real money. A more relaxed approach to trading can result from the absence of capital risks in demo accounts, which may not accurately reflect the emotions and decision processes involved in active trade.

These disadvantages should be recognized, and it is necessary to know that trading Options entail risks and difficulties not adequately reflected in a demo account. Therefore, combining demo trading with additional educational resources and gradually transitioning towards actual trade utilizing caution is essential. Make sure that you are fully prepared for real trading before involving real money. Once you deposit real capital, you must consider risk and money management techniques and apply small amounts per order at the beginning to protect your fund.

An Introduction to Options Trading Demo Account, What to Consider and the Best Platforms


What is the best demo account for options trading? 

Since many brokers offer demo accounts, it may be difficult for traders to choose among them. As you know what to consider before deciding, we have made it even easier for you by listing the top “Options Demo Platforms”. So you can select what is the best to meet your needs.

An Introduction to Options Trading Demo Account, What to Consider and the Best Platforms



One of the most trusted Options brokers is CloseOption. This Broker offers a free binary demo account besides its real and contest accounts, and once you sign up, you can access all three types of accounts. CloseOption’s demo account is free, and you will be given a $ 10,000 virtual balance to trade. Once your balance is under $1000, you can recharge it for free thrice daily.

This Broker’s demo platform offers features precisely the same as the Real and Contest accounts, and you can experience demo trading in a real-time simulated environment. This Broker also provides services to clients from the US and Europe. 

One of the merits of CloseOption is its 24/7 live support. Their agents are ready at any time to assist you with any issue you may face. Another excellent feature is their various deposit and withdrawal methods, which can satisfy any user from all around the globe. The minimum deposit amount of $5 and the minimum withdrawal amount of $1 are features that make CloseOption one of the most popular brokers besides its user-friendly platform. 

Furthermore, this Broker gives welcome gifts to its newcomers and occasional gifts for its old users. They also have a weekly contest in which they award the top 20 winners a total cash prize of $3000. You can sign up for free and enjoy your trading by clicking Here.


Whether you are a beginner or an expert trader, you can benefit from a demo account. Demo accounts can help you become more experienced and put your skills under experiment to estimate their efficiency. Remember to choose the best platform that follows your desires and can help you through your trading journey.