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Option trading provides investors with a unique and flexible financial tool to speculate on price movements and possible market outcomes. When it comes to options trading, choosing a good broker is one of the most essential points you must consider. One of the features of a good Options Trading Broker is the “High Payout” or “Low Spread” they offer. Among all Options Trading Brokers, CloseOption provides the highest Payout and IQ Option. Nadex and eToro are the three top brokers with the highest Payout. This article explains what Payout is, why it is crucial,l and the features you need to consider besides Payout to select the best broker.

What Is Spread in Forex Trading?

In forex trading, a spread denotes the variance between the purchasing price (also referred to as the “ask” or “offer” price) and the selling price (known as the “bid” price) of a currency pair. This discrepancy indicates the expense traders bear when initiating a trade, given that the buying price consistently surpasses the selling price by a small margin.

The forex market lacks centralization, and financial institutions like banks and brokers offer currency pair quotes according to their liquidity and trading volume. Consequently, spreads can differ among brokers and may also change during trading hours, mainly when market volatility is high.

For instance, if the EUR/USD currency pair is quoted with a bid price of 1.2000 and an asking price of 1.2005, the spread equals five pips. In this case, a trader looking to purchase the euro would do so on 1.2005, while selling the euro would be done on 1.2000. The difference of five pips between these bids and ask prices defines the spread.

Why Is Spread Too Important in Forex Trading?

Spreads hold considerable importance in forex trading, directly influencing the cost of executing trades. Traders generally favour lower spreads as they allow for more cost-effective trading, particularly for scalpers and day traders who engage in numerous trades within a short timeframe. However, it’s vital to consider additional factors such as the broker’s reliability, execution speed, and available trading tools when selecting a forex broker, as the spread represents just one aspect of the overall trading experience.

What Is Payout in Options Trading?

In binary trading, when a trader’s binary option ends up in cash upon its expiry, the word “Payout” shall indicate the amount of money he can receive. Binary options are a financial instrument in which investors speculate on whether the price of an underlying asset would be higher or lower than specified strike prices at certain times in the future.

Traders predict an underlying asset’s price movements when they buy a binary option. If their forecast is accurate and the option expires in the money, they are entitled to a fixed payment determined by the broker or trading platform. A trader is notified of such compensation before entering into a transaction and will most likely report it as part of his initial investment.

For instance, suppose a trader acquires a binary call option on Company XYZ stock with an 80% payout and an initial investment of $100. If stock prices are higher than the strike price at the expiry, the option will expire in cash, and the trader will receive 80% of their investment for $80. On the contrary, a trader’s entire $100 investment will be lost when an option is terminated from money, I.e., the stock price is less than its strike price.

Binary options are valued for their simplicity and fixed risk-reward structure. Traders know the potential Payout and maximum potential loss in advance, which can appeal to some. Nevertheless, traders must be cautious about the high risk associated with binary options trading and carefully use appropriate risk management strategies.

Furthermore, it is essential to note that in some countries, there has been a restriction or ban on the trading of binary options because of their hazardous nature and potential for fraud.

Why Is High Payout Too Important In Options Trading? 

A high Payout is essential in options trading because it directly affects the trader’s potential return on investment. When the Payout is heightened, traders can make significant profits compared with their initial investment if they have correctly forecasted how the underlying asset will move.

Here are some more reasons why a high payout is considered highly important in options trading:

Amplified Returns:

High payouts allow traders to leverage their investments and generate significant returns if their trades are successful. A higher proportion of the revenue means winning trades can deliver more profit than lower payout opportunities.

Risk-Reward ratio:

The risk-reward ratio, a key factor for traders, is enhanced with the high amount of Payout. A favourable risk-reward ratio implies that possible profits outweigh losses, which can increase the attractiveness of the business and possibly justify taking risks.

 An attraction for Traders:

High payout options tend to attract more traders because they offer the allure of significant gains. Traders are naturally attracted to opportunities that provide greater profit.


With high payouts, traders can achieve their profit targets with fewer successful trades. This can lead to more cost-efficient trading, particularly for traders seeking to exploit short-term market movements.

However, it is essential to know that increased risks often accompany high Payouts. While the potential for higher returns may be attractive, it also means that the risk of losing the entire investment in an unsuccessful trade is higher. Consequently, traders must balance looking for greater profits against pursuing appropriate risk management strategies to protect their capital.

In addition, focusing solely on pursuing high payment options when selecting trades is unnecessary. To make an accurate decision in options trading, traders must consider other vital factors such as market analysis, business strategies and the ability to tolerate risks.

Which Brokers Have the Lowest Spreads (Highest Payout)?

Which Broker Has the Lowest Spread (Highest Payout)?

In the following, the cheapest options trading brokerages are listed. If you are looking for the Lowest Commission Options Broker with the highest Payout on binary options, this list is designed for you:


First on our list is CloseOption, a well-trusted options trading broker. This broker offers a regular Payout of a maximum of 80%, but for VIP clients, it could rise to 92% for Diamond Level Clients. This broker also does not charge its clients any fees on withdrawals and deposits and is considered the lowest spread or the highest payout brokerage for options trading in the USA. You can sign up for this broker by clicking Here.

IQ Option

This broker is the second to offer the highest Payout, ranging between 17% and 77%. This broker receives a small fee on deposits and withdrawals, and in some cases, withdrawals may take up to 21 business days.


This broker offers service only for traders living in the US. The Payout level in this broker is up to 75%. If you are not a US citizen, this broker is not a good choice since signing up from the US is against their terms and conditions.


eToro Offers a maximum payout of 74% to its users and receives some fees on withdrawals as well. More than 3000 assets are available in this broker.

Important Tips

Although the payout percentage is essential when choosing an options trading broker, you must also consider other factors. Paying attention to these factors helps you make the best decision and determine the broker that best suits you.

Check the Quality of the Customer Service

When choosing a broker, one of the most critical factors you need to notice is the quality of the customer service of that broker. A good customer service team can assist you whenever you face an issue and help you through the process until the problem is resolved. For example, CloseOption has a 24/7 support team that is ready to assist its users in any case.

Check if the Platform You Use is User-friendly or Not

 A straightforward platform can positively impact your trading success. On the other hand, a non-user-friendly platform can increase your mistakes and result in your loss. As a Trader, you must evaluate how easy it is to use each platform or software and choose the easiest one to trade with. 

Check for additional charges and hidden Fees

Some brokers have hidden fees on deposits and withdrawals, which can add up over time and decrease your profit percentage. Be careful about the additional charges, and do not choose a broker with too many hidden costs.

In conclusion, it is vital to remember that compensation concepts for options trading play an essential role in establishing a trader’s possible returns and risk-reward profiles. It is also necessary to recognize that more significant risks frequently accompany higher payout percentages. In addition, rigorous research, discipline in risk management, and consideration of various factors must be noted beyond the Payout, such as broker charges, trading platforms, and legal compliance. These should be part of the overall approaches to options trading.



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