Weekly competition with updated rules and conditions.

We would like to notify all interested participants about the CloseOption competition series. Here are the specifications for this week’s competition.
In this contest, users can enter for free without a deposit history, providing an excellent opportunity for those interested.

The contest will be held on a demo account with the following specifications:

  • Start Date: 14/11/2023
  • End Date: 17/11/2023
  • Prize Pool: $1000 cash prizes for the top 20 competitors
  • Entry and participation for the first time: free and without fee
  • Recharges: 3 or 5 dollars, according to the user’s choice
  • Winning Criteria: Highest account balance at competition end
  • Prize Withdrawals: No restrictions – cash prizes will be directly deposited
  • Eligible Countries: All approved countries may compete

For more information and to seize this incredible opportunity, head over to the Contest page and unleash your trading prowess.

CloseOption Team