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What is said in the article may not be in line with the mentality of 95% of readers, but it is a fact that is undeniable. The cryptocurrency market is an international market for making and losing money at the same time. Making money for governments and a small percentage of people and losing money for a very large percentage of people; Cryptocurrencies have grown in popularity throughout the world and are regularly discussed in numerous forums. You may have heard of terms like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin at some point. Digital currency is a form of virtual money that is not controlled by a central authority such as the government. It is instead built on blockchain technology, with Bitcoin being the most widely used. As the use of digital money grows on Wall Street, more possibilities become accessible. Presently, there seem to be over 5,000 cryptos in the industry.

In practice, this market is an internationally painted and masked stock exchange. The United States, for example, assumes that it cannot easily infiltrate China and sell the company’s stock with the intention of destroying it to the detriment of its value. But when there is a market where everyone thinks that this market has freedom of action, it means that it is painted, it has a mask, and all people enter it.

What are the goals of big governments and their allies, such as the United States, Japan, France, Germany?

The goal is “globalization with an easy appearance in the financial, monetary network;” In practice, freedom of action is evident in this story, which means that the story’s appearance is that 95% of people realize how easy it is there is no trace.

This is not the case at all. The goal is to open up cryptocurrencies and expand the market, and possibly from about $ 2.5 trillion to $ 100 trillion To understand this number; it must be said that the money that the United States created under Trump and then now under Biden was about $ 5 trillion, which is about one and a half times the amount of money created since the founding of the United States. That is, within two years, liquidity has risen from a hypothetical number of one to two and a half. 

The goal of the cryptocurrency market

The goal of the cryptocurrency market is to increase from two and a half million dollars to about 100 trillion dollars, which means that the market will still expand 40 times. But what is the goal? The goal is complete control over global liquidity. In practice, it is a monetary game that benefits developed countries.

 But in what form? It is easy to see that developed countries, especially the United States, ignore money laundering laws at certain times. The rules at the US Federal Reserve are very clear. In these laws, the factor that debilitates the dollar is against the law. In short, something that is not verifiable and does not comply with money laundering laws is wrong. Crypto transactions are very obviously ignored. Powerful market participants and developed governments close their eyes, and this market grows bigger and bigger. This may seem like a vicious act, but the reality is that it prepares a new US financial order that requires it to define new financial benefits for itself. Contrary to popular belief, the growth of the crypto market, regarding that the media, the political and operational power, and the dollar’s dominance have always been with the US Federal Reserve and in practice with the US government. The sharp decline in this market directly benefits the US government significantly. Suppose the market value is equal to the total market volume of $ 100 trillion, but the market value is halved at once due to the release of the full verification news (rumour or fact). For example, banning the use of cryptocurrencies in a particular industry or in a country would cause the market volume to decrease from $ 100 trillion to $ 50, and then certainly much lower, to below $ 10 trillion. In fact, in practice, money is not destroyed but transferred from one pocket to another. And that means the people and governments that have bought these digital currencies at high prices will lose their capital, and the money will go to the pockets of the United States and its allies. In practice, the cryptocurrency market is a market for American financial interests and for a new definition of the dollar in a way that not everyone can understand.

Final words

 The development of Cryptocurrency has spurred a discussion regarding its real nature and future. Despite recent challenges, Cryptocurrency’s popularity since its introduction in 2009 has sparked the development of rival cryptocurrencies such as Etherium, Litecoin, and Ripple. A digital currency that aims to join the regular financial framework would have to meet a variety of requirements. While that likelihood is unlikely, it is undeniable that Cryptocurrency’s success or failure in coping with the challenges it confronts will significantly impact the fate of other economic and political fields in the years ahead.

Meta description: Since cryptocurrencies play an important role in our financial affairs to make money, it’s crucial to understand its future link with economic affairs. 

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