Hot Methods

On this page, you can find the special benefits offered on deposits through hot methods. By depositing through these trusted options, you can benefit from several opportunities to get the most out of trading. The first listed token is PipCoin (PCN), which is currently in its early stages. So, hurry up to invest and multiply your money.

  1. You must sign in or sign up for an account to deposit through hot methods.

  2. If you deposit $1,000 worth of tokens, your payout amount will increase by 1%. This increase can be up to 3%. Therefore, if a trader deposits $5,000 worth of tokens, their payout will increase by 3% in the first month, and the remaining 2% will be added to their payout amount in the second month.

  3. If you deposit $100 worth of tokens, you can participate in one contest for free.

  4. If you deposit through hot methods, you can use one free recharge item in a contest. Please note that your contest balance must be less than $10,000.

  5. By depositing tokens, you can grab the chance to return 10% of the money with a chance coin if you lose the amount. Please note that your real account balance must be lower than 10% of your deposit.

  6. Per each $100 worth of tokens, you will be awarded a chance and an accelerator coin.

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