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Binary Options Contest #356

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23 Apr 2024 - 06:30

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Contest Winners

16 Feb 2024

Starting Balance: $10,000

Member Avatar Member Rank

United States Mswhitted1

Prize: $300.00 Balance: $1,141,784

Member Avatar Member Rank

Poland Respectmjp

Prize: $200.00 Balance: $563,383

Member Avatar Member Rank

United States NS

Prize: $100.00 Balance: $416,311

Member Avatar Member Rank

Canada Zohzoh

Prize: $75.00 Balance: $296,394

Member Avatar Member Rank

United States Kyle

Prize: $50.00 Balance: $288,148

Member Avatar

United States MonstMilly

Prize: $30.00 Balance: $203,954

Member Avatar

Australia Loz

Prize: $30.00 Balance: $155,780

Member Avatar

South Africa Sihle

Prize: $30.00 Balance: $48,510

Member Avatar

United States 123456789

Prize: $30.00 Balance: $40,023

Member Avatar

United States Ming Lee

Prize: $30.00 Balance: $33,124

Member Avatar

Honduras Hulstor

Prize: $15.00 Balance: $26,380

Member Avatar

United States Martin

Prize: $15.00 Balance: $21,516

Member Avatar

United States Danofalltrades

Prize: $15.00 Balance: $19,300

Member Avatar

United States Danny Martinez

Prize: $15.00 Balance: $18,500

Member Avatar

United States Robert Mendola

Prize: $15.00 Balance: $18,500

Member Avatar

Saudi Arabia Mirage2000

Prize: $10.00 Balance: $18,500

Member Avatar

United States Hippie

Prize: $10.00 Balance: $18,400

Member Avatar

United States Sandeean

Prize: $10.00 Balance: $18,300

Member Avatar

Italy Ninanka

Prize: $10.00 Balance: $16,000

Member Avatar

Italy Messina

Prize: $10.00 Balance: $15,424

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Binary Options trading tournaments (also called Binary Options contests/competitions) are the only risk-free opportunities for learning and trading Binary Options. By creating a sense of competition, Binary Options traders can experience excitement and, at the same time, enjoy winning cash prizes. Additionally, they can experience social trading without risking their money. It means that there is no need for Options traders to fund their accounts since an initial virtual amount of money is credited into their contest accounts in advance. Therefore, it is recommended that all Binary Options traders take their chances and improve their options trading skills.

It is worth mentioning that Binary Options contests (also options trading tournaments) are becoming more popular in the world of trading. The most probable reason is that participating in Binary Options tournaments does not require your funds, although some Binary Options brokers charge a low entry fee. By trading on virtual money, a trader can win a big reward from a prize pool. All an Options trader has to do is to trade profitably than other contestants and climb the leaderboard.

Joining a Binary Options (an options trading) contest is an excellent introduction to the world of trading, especially for newcomers. They can start their Binary Options journey and see how it works without losing their money. While learning mechanisms, they can also estimate their position in the market, track their accomplishments, and get ahead of their rivals by frequently participating in options trading contests. Finally, they are ready to enter the real trading world after participating in a few Binary Options competitions or tournaments!

When a contest ends, traders are usually notified by email, and there is always prize money distributed among traders with the highest balance called winners. Depending on the contest type and standings, traders can win low or grand prizes. These prizes are usually deposited directly into their real accounts. Therefore, they can either trade on the prize money or withdraw it unconditionally.

The Binary Options contest rounds usually last for a day, a week, or a month and the duration is bound to the decision made by each broker. To take part in Binary Options contests (options trading competitions), some brokers do not require Options traders to verify their accounts; however, some others do. The same is true of the entry fee. Therefore, like other financial markets such as Forex and Options Trading, each contest and broker has its own unique terms and conditions in the Binary Options market. Traders should read the terms before entering a Binary Options tournament (contest).

Lose no time!

Please find below the terms and conditions. By joining the contests, you agree to abide by these terms and indicate confirming your acceptance.

  • The contests are usually held once a week, and it is probable to hold up to four tournaments each month.

  • Most contests charge a small fee of $5-10. However, some contests may be organized without a fee.

  • Contestants shall carry out all operations on their contest account, and all transactions must be according to our terms and conditions.

  • Creating more than one account is prohibited, and violators will be eliminated from the contest.

  • When the contest starts, the Starting Balance will be credited to your Contest account. This amount and the profits will be removed from the client's account once the contest ends.

  • The starting balance for this contest is $10,000.

  • If your account balance is less than $1,000, you can recharge your account using the recharge packages available at the top of your trading room.

  • Winners are determined and ranked based on their total balance at the end of the tournament. You can always check your current rank in the leaderboard on the “Contest” page.

  • Contestants ranked in the top 10 will receive cash prizes.

  • Results are published within 48 hours from the end of each contest.

  • The prizes are credited to the winners’ trading account automatically.

  • A winner can withdraw their prize at any time after it is credited to their trading account.

  • Contest participants who abuse the system will be eliminated.

  • Contestants are not allowed to sell or transfer their contest account to others, and the offender will be eliminated from the contest.

  • All the requirements will be announced before starting a contest.

  • The Company reserves the right to add, change, modify, or remove portions of these terms at any time without prior notice. Please check this page frequently to ensure you are aware of any changes.

  • To make the contests more practical and to create more opportunities for everyone to win, each competition's winners will be removed from the contests for two rounds and the second place of each round for the next round. After this period of suspension, they can participate in the tournaments again. It should be mentioned that VIP members are an exception to this rule! However, if a VIP member wins a contest, they will be eliminated from the upcoming tournament but receive a waiting period award!

    * Waiting Period Award: Each VIP member who wins a round of the competitions and is absent in the next round will receive a $10 prize daily (maximum $100 in competitions taking more than a week).

  • At CloseOption, we believe in fair play and equal opportunities for all users. If you are a non-diamond user and manage to secure victory more than seven times, we have a special provision to keep the competitive spirit thriving. Your Contest account will be temporarily suspended for six months. You can submit a request to rejoin the contests, and our team will review it carefully (they may accept or reject it). Please note that this restriction solely pertains to Contest accounts, and you can continue trading on your Real and Demo accounts.

  • Once your balance reaches $20,000, we will give you a chance to double your balance using an accelerator coin. You may also be granted a second-chance coin to recharge your account for free.

Binary Options Contest 2024

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The first place gets $300, the second place $200, the third place $100, the fourth place $75, the 5th place $50, the 6th place $30, the 7th place $30, the 8th place $30, the 9th place $30, the 10th place $30, the 11th place $15, the 12th place $15, the 13th place $15, the 14th place $15, the 15th place $15, the 16th place $10, the 17th place $10, the 18th place $10, the 19th place $10, the 20th place $10.

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