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Leaderboard (Starting Balance: $10000.00) - 01/17/2020

Contest Winners
Harilili United States
Prize $750.00
Balance $245280.00
Contest Winners #2
connected Japan
$500.00 Prize Balance $150524.47
Contest Winners #3
AnthonyMockabee1989 United States
$350.00 Prize Balance $132760.20
#4 Contest Winners
chris tracy Prize $250.00
#5 Contest Winners
Gullita Prize $175.00
#6 Contest Winners
chadster714 Prize $125.00
#7 Contest Winners
Larry Franklin Prize $100.00
#8 Contest Winners
David Harrison Prize $75.00
#9 Contest Winners
@Urban.Genius Prize $50.00
#10 Contest Winners
oasnel Prize $25.00

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It is with great pleasure that I also receive this award, thanks closeoption !!


I love this website

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