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Leaderboard (Starting Balance: $10000.00) - 10/04/2019

Contest Winners
WhiteLioness777 Netherlands
Prize $750.00
Balance $174320.51
Contest Winners #2
@Urban.Genius United States
$500.00 Prize Balance $154024.41
Contest Winners #3
connected Japan
$350.00 Prize Balance $138189.76
#4 Contest Winners
Moonstar Prize $250.00
#5 Contest Winners
GeyPapiJk Prize $175.00
#6 Contest Winners
Nothing to lose Prize $125.00
#7 Contest Winners
jonathandel Prize $100.00
#8 Contest Winners
JPOfx Prize $75.00
#9 Contest Winners
Marvery24 Prize $50.00
#10 Contest Winners
Sor43 Prize $25.00

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Closeoption for me is not just a simple broker but a lot more.
It is thanks  closeoption that I learned the trading  achieving some results.
The broker's honesty,professionality,  from the outset warned me of enormous risks by also saying that some results were difficult to achieve.
With this prix therefore  I'm grateful to closeoption
Many thanks

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